About the Company

Langue is a design practice owned by Felix Oppen and Kate Riley. Usually there are just the two of us, but when we need more hands or additional specialist expertise we call on our list of contacts and hire them as needed. This way we keep our overheads down without compromising on service. Good for you and good for us.

We design stuff. Graphic stuff. Mostly stuff that is printed (but also some interactive media). Type and typography play big roles in the work we do. The sorts of stuff we design include, logos & identity, posters, catalogues, magazines and books. Of course, we also design brochures and flyers and the like.

Through Langue we also run the Tiliqua Studio. This is a co-work space for communication designers and printmakers. We have several pods for designers and access the printmaking studio, containing an etching press and a letter/relief proofing press, can be on an occasional daily or ongoing basis. For more information visit the website.

Langue also provides the design services to our new venture Tiliqua Press.

About the Name

‘Langue’ is a french word and was chosen not because we are francophiles, though we spent nearly a year living there, but because of what it means. ‘Langue’ has similar meanings to ‘tongue’ – the organ and the language of  a particular people, region or nation. However, the word is richer than that because it has the meanings of ‘language’ as well (the semantic link is obvious in the similarity of spelling). Finally, ‘langue’ is also a semiotic term referring to the underlying structure of texts, not the just grammatical structure but also the physical structure of the arrangement on a page, a key domain of (typo)graphic designers.

About Us

Kate has varied interests and has studied, among other things, Linguistics, Geography and French. She studied graphic design at the Billy Blue College of Design in the early 90’s. She reads a lot, particularly detective fiction and contemporary science fiction. Before becoming a graphic designer she worked as an envelope stuffer, an usher, a PA and in catering. She has a BFA(hons) in Printmaking from the National Art School, Sydney.

Felix seems to have spent most of his adult life studying (at least it sometimes feels that way). He has studied chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry, economics, German, French and Italian (though can barely remember any of it). He also studied graphic design at the Billy Blue College of Design in the early 90’s and has a Master of Design from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Felix has worked as an artist’s model, barman and as a clerk in a court house. Along with being a graphic designer he also teaches at THINK Education—Billy Blue College of Design. He is also co-author of an award winning tertiary level Graphic Design textbook Graphic Design: Australian Style Manual.

We are also raising two girls together with a reasonable degree of success.