Type Work

This is the type design and type modification (customisation) that we have done.

Identity for for Jazz Workshops

Jazz workshops for young women. Young, vibrant, strong and unmistakeably female without being cute or girly.

A New Typeface for a New Company

This is a face developed for use with this company. Obviously, it is a pixel face but not quite as each ‘pixel’ is not actually square and it is also not mono-spaced. It has been designed to work properly with only the metrics and in fact looks worse with optical spacing.

The intention is to develop this further and release into the market.

Customised Type for my Previous Company

This was a customisation of ITC conduit (just these letters) for the logo for the company. Basically I created a rounded and slanted version of the face. The slant is less than the original italic and the whole lot were derived from the Roman.

Typeface Design–Anorexia

This is the first typeface I designed from scratch, almost literally. So far it has never been completed and the name, Anorexia, is the working title.

However, it has been used as part of a promotion for Newtown, Sydney about ten years ago. The grungy nature of the face suited the place. Those of us who have lived for a number of years would understand. Here is a detail of it’s application:

Customised Type for Boutique Hotel in Sydney

Custom type (based on an existing face) developed for a sign for a boutique hotel in Sydney, back-lit and cut out of stainless steel so any counters had to joined to the surrounding surface (always seems safer to do this then to glue them on to an acrylic underlay). The risk was that it would look too stencil-like, but this has been avoided. Above is the initial drawing and this is how it was realised:

The words were stacked by the client to save on materials. The street numbers underneath are just off-the-shelf. We would have loved to get the sign when the hotel closed after a few years but we missed the opportunity.